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Voluntary Initiative Support Organization

Supporting communities affected by War, Famine and Natural disasters

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We work together with the most vulnerable communities to deliver economic stability, safety and protection

Communities in emergency and recovery situations are very resilient when empowered. We harness the talent and ambition of young people to give hope and a sustainable change.

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The Big Picture

We envision a peaceful and productive society with multiple livelihood choices

What we want to accomplish

We are on a mission to contribute to household livelihood stability through empowerment and sustainable use of resources for development.

Who we support

Vulnerable and deprived section of the community affected by war, famine and natural disasters.


Years of










Wild Life

Nature Conservation

Environmental protection, Climate Action, Governance of Extractives, Advocacy

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Health & Livelihood

Entrepreneurship, nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene, community health, Health systems development.

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Literacy & Numeracy, Institutional capacity building, Vocational / skills trainings

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Conflict Mitigation

Literacy & Numeracy, Institutional capacity building, Vocational / skills trainings

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Our interventions are guided by the strategic direction we have set in consultation with stakeholders, development partners, donors, policy instruments and the community we serve.

1. Our articulated plan

we remind ourselves about who we are and where we are going to reach our destination

2. Our strategic alignment

We make conscious decisions to research and know what is important at a moment including the different roles to be played by stakeholders.

3. Our strategic differentiation

We determine what we are best for and where we can concentrate to create lasting impact.

4. Future transformation

We pause and assess ourselves to determine progress and quickly adapt new strategies to be relevant to future needs.


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Our mission


We have more than 17 years of working in one of the most complex humanitarian emergencies in northern Uganda. We focus our strategy on community participation for local solutions.​

we have been accredited for stimulating major socio-economic changes while promoting sustainable use of resources, improving education and skills training, protection of vulnerable communities and environments.

Past projects

All projects

current projects

Climate Action : 2021 to date

The goal of this project is to promote access to information, sustainable practices, advocacy and innovations to protect nature and biodiversity.

Climate Change Protest
Wild life


Social Project for Engagement and Action for Community Empowerment (SPEACE) : 2021

Project focuses on community violence prevention through social justice approaches. Strengthen capacity of stakeholders , promote civic engagement, harnessing art and culture for community tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

Youth Empowerment BULGARI Project (YEBP) : 2017 - 2021.

Project aims at improving employability and social economic livelihood of youth in Northern Uganda. Area of focus is on personal development, Education and training, Economic empowerment and Adolescent Sexual and reproductive health.

Speed Schools Project : 2017 -2019

Aim of the project is to increase access to quality education. The project supports school retention, sustainable livelihood and infrastructural development in the post conflict communities in northern Uganda.

Wild life

Promoting Wildlife-human relations along game reserves: 2011 - 2014

Project improves community participation in wild life protection in the Albertine graben. It equips the community, local leaders and partners with knowledge and skills in wildlife conservation.

Skills development in workshop

Youth Initiative for Empowerment and Livelihood Development (YIELD): 2013- 2014

Project aimed at supporting socio-economic livelihood among recovering communities in northern Uganda. Focuses on skills development, Sexual and reproductive health, agricultural development.

Conservation of nature including Extractives : 2014

The project aims at promoting community voices and participation in monitoring the management of oil and gas resources in the Northern Albertine region.

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In 2003, northern Uganda was at the height of the LRA conflict. There were gross human rights violations, broken systems and poor services, it was un-imaginable to have justice and decent treatment for the local people who were forced into concentration camps with very appalling conditions. The United Nations referred to the Conflict as the "most forgotten, neglected humanitarian situation in the world"​.

A group of youth organized and formed a local initiative to support the efforts of humanitarian agencies and improve the living conditions of the community and permanently resolve the crisis.

The organization therefore got its name "Voluntary Initiative Support Organization -VISO"; with the vision being: A peaceful and productive society, with multiple livelihood choices and the Mission to contribute to household livelihood stability through empowerment and sustainable use of resources for development.

​VISO is an independent, non-profit organization, legally registered with the national NGO Bureau at the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a mandate to operate in Uganda. ​

VISO is governed by Board of Directors (BoD). VISO is a neutral, objective and secular organization. Our team of experts comprise of men and women with formal and in-depth knowledge and training.

VISO welcomes funding from Governments, local and international donors, United Nations, private sector foundations and individuals.

How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us in our quest for community service. You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time.





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